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What is Hope Lives Today?

We exist to help the souls come to understand that true Hope comes from a knowledge and relationship with the Living God...Jesus. We are part of a family of programs created by Christians Broadcasting Hope (CBH).

Why Hope?


The reality of humans is that, in many ways, most all of us seek the same things.  We long for shelter, for nutrition, for work, for health, for happiness, for peace amid the chaos of our lives, and for our families to be whole.  The forces of this world often work against many of these desired outcomes in our everyday lives.  Yet, there is one thing that keeps us pressing forward believing that the realities we experience can be better...both in this life and the next.  That commodity is HOPE...and we believe true Hope Lives Today in the person of Jesus, the Living God.

Our Teachers


Bob Moss

Bob lives in St. Joseph, Michigan in the United States and is a vibrant leader and heartfelt communicator. Driven by a profound commitment to share the transformative love of Jesus, he communicates with a pastor’s compassion and his life and ministry resonate with a profound love for people.  Having pastored congregations across diverse regions of the United States, his ministry has spanned four continents of the world. Together with his wife Renée, they cherish their family, including three married adult children and eight beloved grandchildren.  


Nabil Safi

Nabil Safi was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. As a dedicated pastor, teacher, businessman, and believer in Jesus he has a passion for the people of the Middle East. His linguistic skills in Arabic, English, and French, and a deep knowledge of the Arabic mindset has prepared him well to be an effective communicator among Middle Easterners and the broader world.

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Deidre Franklin

Deidre is part of the pastoral team at Crossings Community Church, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she has been on staff since 2000.  She grew up with the church at the center of her family life. She learned early on about many cultures as she traveled on mission trips to Australia, Germany, India, Mexico, Haiti, and Kenya. Having lived in Kobe, Japan and Budapest, Hungary, she has also led many ministry groups to places like Israel, Greece, Russia, Germany, and Italy.  A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a masters degree in Biblical Studies, she is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry through Asbury Theological Seminary. 

Handel Smith

Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Handel moved with his family as a 9-year-old boy to the United States. Since then he has obtained advanced degrees, been successful in business, and been a leader both locally and nationally in ministry. Currently, Handel pastors a church and works supporting congregations in various countries with special insight into realities and ministry in city and urban settings. 

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Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer “JJ” Wilson is a minister, educator, wife, mother, and is passionate about helping people ask good questions and seek truthful answers. Traveling around her country and around the world from Central America to Australia, Europe and beyond, she has cherished friendships on every continent. She has served in local ministry with congregations in Indiana and Michigan as well as nationally in the USA. She enjoys reading, singing, gardening, and sharing a cup of tea.

Manuel Killisch

Manuel lives in East Frisia in the far northwestern corner of Germany.   He loves music and is an accomplished Viola player.  Having  traveled and studied in a variety of countries around the world, Manuel has pastored local church congregations for many years and currently teaches Music, Bible, and English at the largest Christian School in northern Germany, the Free Christian School East Frisia.  Central to Manuel is a deep love for Jesus and that all may know him personally.

Manuel Killisch_edited.jpg

Sam Somalingam

Sam lives in a city near the eastern coast of India.  After finishing his education with honors in English, he worked for three years in a pharmaceutical company in the areas of sales and marketing.  After receiving God's call, he left his job and went to study in Doon Bible College, in the Northern India city of Dehradun.  He came back to his home town in 2000 and has been in ministry there ever sense.  Presently, he is pastor of Mount House Church of God, Cuttack.


Juan Santos

Juan was born in the Juan Sánchez Ramírez province, Dominican Republic. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior at 18 years of age and today pastors in Sabana Bendecida, a suburb of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Juan has been many things in his life...a youth leader both in the country and abroad, a street vendor, a construction manager, a shoe shiner, a carpentry assistant, a painter, a musician, and Bible teacher. Mostly, he is a man who loves to tell everyone of the Hope of Jesus.


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Samuel George

Samuel was born in Karachi, Pakistan. As an only child, he finished high school at Saint Patrick's High School and went on to do additional studies in the fields of theology, law, and business.  As a teacher, pastor, and leader of some 225 congregations…Samuel is an excellent communicator and carries a deep urgency for bringing the Hope of Jesus to those searching for truth, peace, and a Hope-filled future.




"May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with Hope...
Romans 15:13



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